The global display semiconductor industry has been affected by the COVID-19 that had swept the world at the beginning of 2020, and the external environment of multilateral trade frictionhas been superimposed. Due to such grave situation, it has experienced a periodof ups and downs: Panel prices have been rising strongly after bottoming out,while the market demand and profit showed a “V”-shaped curve; Semiconductor devices such as the driver IC are in short supply. In the past ten years, the supply of panels and semiconductor devices has never affected or even influenced changes in demand like this year.

In terms of the competitive landscape, Korean manufacturers have shifted the track to reduce LCD production capacity gradually in the country. The industrial restructuring has occurred from time to time, and there has been the largest merger and acquisition in adecade. The industry competitive landscape has changed significantly. At the same time, 5G has also promoted the upgrade of display and semiconductor technology into a new stage.

Under the influence of the above multiple factors, the global display semiconductor industry is changing rapidly and will continue to be reconstructed in the great changes.

According to Sigmaintell's forecast data, global shipments of large-size LCD panels would reach 870 million in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 9.3%. The year-over-year increase in notebook and display panels would be as much as 21% and 12%. Since June2020, the average price of mainstream LCD TV panels increased by more than 60%in half a year, and the prices of SoC and driver IC chips also structurally increased. Looking forward to 2021, will the industry development continue to goup? Or is there any risk of reversal? In a realistic environment where multiple technologies are equally important, what the productization progress of different technologies will be? How will downstream brands and user decision-making behaviors change? How will panel and semiconductor companies adjust their production capacity and product strategies?...

Based on above uncertainties, Y2020-2021Global Display and Semiconductor Industry Marketing Research Online Seminar will kick off in March, 2021. We are looking forward to your participation!


Date: March 18-19 , 2021

Topic: Y2020-2021 Global Display and Semiconductor Industry Market Research

Organizer: Sigmaintell, SID China


Session 1: Large Size Display Market Analysis(14:00-18:00 on Mar. 18, 2021; repeat at 8:30-12:30 on Mar. 19, 2021 (UTC+8:00 Beijing Time Zone))微信图片_20210218124024.png

Session 2: Mobile Display&Semiconductor Market Analysis (8:30-11:50 on Mar. 18, 2021; repeat at 19:00-22:20 on Mar. 18, 2021 (UTC+8:00 Beijing Time Zone))



1. Agenda Arrangement

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registration fee for onesession: 1000 RMB/person

registration fees for twosessions: 1600 RMB/person

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