Year Plan

SID China Beijing Student Branch 2023 Activity Plan

Event theme:

The International Society for Information Display (SID) has established several student chapters around theworld to unite and mobilize students in display-related disciplines from major universities and research institutions in the surrounding area to promote the development of information display technology and industry and to facilitate academic and technical exchanges. As part of SID, the Beijing Student Chapter is dedicated to expanding the understanding of students from neighboring universities in the fields of display devices,drivers, materials and new displays, and to promoting students' academic research and career development in the field. To achieve this goal, the Beijing Student branch plans to organize a series of related events aimed at providing students with academic exchange, career development and practical opportunities while enhancing their knowledge and skills in the field of information display technology. The following are some of the key events we have planned for 2023:

Event 1: Academic presentation

1. Date: August 2023

2. Venue: Building B, New Main Building, Beihang University

3. Event Details:

Keynote Speech: Light Field 3D Display Technology for Metaverse

Speaker: Professor Qiong-Hua Wang, Beihang University

Academic presentation:Introduction to the principles, applications and latest research progress of light field 3D display

Interactive discussion:Students will ask questions and exchange with the speaker

Number of participants: 20 students are expected to attend, mainly from major universities in Beijing

4. Objectives:

(1) To provide a platformfor academic exchange and for students to learn about the latest advances inthe field of 3D display devices

(2) To promote students'interest in learning and researching 3D display technology

(3) To establish contactsand cooperation opportunities between students and professionals

Event 2: Academic Presentation

1. Date: November 2023

2. Venue: B321, School of Medicine,Tsinghua University

3. Activity Detail:

Keynote speech: 3D medical imaging, processing and visualization for intelligent healthcare

Speaker: Prof. Hong-En Liao,Tsinghua University

Academic report:Introduction to the application of 3D display technology in the medical fieldand the latest research progress

Interactive discussion:Students will ask and exchange questions with the speaker

Number of participants:About 20 students are expected to attend, mainly from major universities inBeijing

4. Objectives:

(1) To provide a platform for students from Beijing universities to communicate and cooperate, and to promoteidea exchange and innovative thinking.

(2) To discuss the prospect and future development direction of 3D display in medical applications.