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Yunshui Bai

University of Electronic Science and technology

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Vice president

      Yannan Gao

University of Electronic Science and technology

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Xianshen Wang

University of Electronic Science and technology

  Optical engineering

Year Plan

Optoelectronic Outstanding Student Sharing Session Proposal

Sponsor: School of Optoelectronic Science andEngineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Organizer: Chengdu Student Branch of the InternationalInformation Display Society Display Division

Event time: June 10, 2023

1、Event Theme:

In order to create a positive and good scientific research atmosphere of the School of Optoelectronics, expand the horizons of students, and provide a communication platform for students of all grades, the Chengdu Student Chapter of the International Society for Information Display (SID) will hold a sharing meeting for outstanding students in optoelectronics, which will be shared by one master and two senior doctoral students who have won the outstanding student award as guests,   sharing some experience and experience in learning and scientific research for students.

2、Purpose of the event:

1.   Provide academic exchange opportunities for students of all grades;

2.   Share the cutting-edge research direction of the school;

3.   Broaden students' scientific research horizons.

3、Event time

June 10, 20231600-1800

4、Event location

Conference room on the 3rd floor of the School of Medicine Building, Shahe Campus, University of Electronic Science   and Technology of China   

5、Event attendees

All graduate students

6、Basic process


(1) Event preparation

    1.   Formulate sharing event planning, organize and coordinate follow-up work.

    2.   Communicate with the three sharing guests, re-determine the time and general content of the event, determine the   specific venue of the event and the general process of the sharing meeting arrangement, so as to prepare in advance.

(2) Event promotion

1.      Network publicity

A special person of the society is responsible for writing publicity documents, and the publicity department of the institute and the teachers of the college will push the public account, establish a special QQ group, and release relevant information.

2.      Poster promotion

Offline use of poster publicity, the poster is placed in the teaching building, canteen, etc., the number of people is large, and the flow of people is large Region.


1.      Contact the presenter in advance to debug the equipment and review the process.

2.       Debug the equipment 1 hour before the start of the sharing meeting and make an emergency plan. Staff begin setting up classrooms one hour before   the event while ensuring equipment is up and running.

3.       Half an hour before the start of the sharing meeting, send the sharing meeting link again in the group to ensure that the registration   personnel can see the information, enter the venue on time, and remind the guest speakers.

4.       During the sharing session, the members of the society took photos   and records, paid attention to the dynamics and the situation in the group in real time, gave feedback to the keynote speakers in time when there were problems, and recorded the questions asked by the students.

5.      After the sharing, the staff of the society delivered speeches to drive the atmosphere.

6.       Collect the gains and feelings of the students participating in this sharing meeting, and determine the list of participants for sign-in.

Late in the event

1.      Take photos of the event site and record effective videos, the   duration of the video is between 1min~2min.

2.       Collect the PPT of the speaker, summarize the feelings and suggestions of the students after participating in the sharing meeting, and summarize the activities.

3.       Push the official account of the sharing meeting and the on-site effect.

On-site emergency response

1.   If   the number of participants is small before the start of the sharing session, the society is responsible for sending the sharing meeting registration link   again to remind the students in the group.

2. If there is a Q&A between the presenter and the audience in the middle of the sharing session   (non-question-and-ask interactive session), but no one responds, the Society should ease the atmosphere in time.



Responsible matters

Name of the person

Conference arrangement

Arrange the venue, buy gifts, make materials, make    uniforms, etc


Share session video shooting

Record each lesson from start to finish

Teaching tools

Camera and development board distribution

Share and take pictures

Take photos of the scene

Party branch

Video clips

Post-production video production

Courseware follow-up

Review courseware and sharing sessions

Registration statistics

Registration links, counting the number of people


Back tune

Determine the list of learners

Party branch


Obi and its partner engineers


7、Other related matters

1.   Object-oriented   and number of peopleThe maximum number of online registrations is 40

For all graduate students

2.     How to register

            Step 1: Fill out the registration link

            Step 2: After online registration, join wechat group chat

3.   Registration   date:June 10,   2023

4.   Organizational   unit

Sponsor:   School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, University of Electronic   Science and Technology of China

Organizer:   Chengdu Student Branch of the International Information Display Society Display Division